#3 – Night on the Roof

Rain, Rain, Go Away –

Daybreak found young Elisha on the roof of his father’s house. He must have fallen asleep up here. All he remembered was kneeling before God under the glorious night sky. Rubbing his eyes, Elisha remembered that he had wrapped himself in a blanket and headed to the roof long after midnight. He had been shivering and could hardly breathe the cold, damp air. Black as tar the night was, and thick like the mud surrounding the house.

Cold, wet, and sleepy, Elisha had begun searching the night sky for the promise of a twinkling star. His dad had taught him to believe in answered prayer, even before you see any signs that a miracle was coming. Elisha had prayed and believed, and sure enough he had seen the first twinkling star. Then another and another until the whole sky was glistening. So in the early morning hours, just before his eyes gave up and closed, Elisha was thanking God for stopping the rain.

Too Young For Prayer? –

With the morning sun warming him, Elisha laughed out loud at the image. Who did he think he was? His hero, Elijah the Great Prophet, now that man of God could tell the rain to stop! eliasbaalBut Elisha, well he was just 14 years old. God didn’t listen to boys his age. It was really cool that the rain had stopped, and certainly Elisha would boast to all his friends that his prayers were the ones that swayed God. But Elisha was pretty sure that the rain stopping had nothing to do with his prayers. It had to be just a coincidence.

Rain or Shine, God is Faithful –

Elisha stood and stretched. Ow! He loved sleeping under the stars but next time he would really have to bring a straw pallet up. Made of straw, brush, and stones with a top layer of hardened clay mud, the roof wasn’t that great for sleeping. House showing Roof Construction at Nazareth Village

Watching the sun pop up, Elisha was excited that the rains had finally stopped. It had been raining for weeks. Elisha knew the land badly needed the rain and many people had died during the three-year long drought. But enough with the rain already!

A few weeks ago, Elijah the Great Prophet had returned to King Ahab and stopped the drought. In front of all the people, Elijah called fire down from heaven to consume a sacrifice and then called rain down from heaven to put out the fire. Elisha hadn’t seen the spectacle himself, but everyone was talking about it. It had rained at least part of every day since then. All the years of dust were washed away and every living thing was drenched in mud.

God had withheld rain. God had sent rain. Now, God had sent the sun. Elisha had no clue when God would make up his mind about the weather, but he did know that God was always faithful. This was going to be an amazing day!



Let’s have some fun with what we’ve learned. Today’s installment includes four (4) LevelUp! challenges. Use the PAGES link at the bottom of the screen to visit each challenge. You are on Page 1 now, so click on 2, 3, 4, or 5 for the challenges. You can do them in any order.

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